News January 2022: MekMak ver 1.0 is available for Android!

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The Magic of Conjugating Turkish Verbs

This is the Windows successor to Taner Nalbats Mekmak conjugation program for DOS. WinMekMak conjugates verbs in the most Turkish tenses and modes (which are many). It is freeware, at least the current version. © Taner Nalbat and Per Brännström 2002-2006.


Ver 0.21 - NEW:

Same as 0.20, but works better with Windows Vista.

Ver 0.20

With lots of help from Erdinç Argüz many things has become better.

Ver 0.17

Ver 0.16

Ver 0.14

Ver 0.9:

            See a screenshot of WinMekMak

            Download WinMekMak 0.21 here.

      Older versions:

            Download WinMekMak 0.20 here.

            Download WinMekMak 0.17 here

            Download WinMekMak 0.16 here

            Download WinMekMak 0.14 here.

            Download WinMekMak 0.9 here.

Mail bug reports, misspellings, bad conjugations, comments and suggestions to I will be glad to hear from you. Please write in English or Swedish. Happy conjugations!